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Impostare, or how to use the voice at its best

The Italians and Spaniards have a word for it: impostare, impostar…
This means the act of concentrating the strength of the voice on the vocal cords, so that the sound that comes from it is full and round, but mostly non hesitant and firm.
In other words it is a non natural exercise that needs training, that is why it’s a job, because you need concentration, vocal skills and experience. If you have the chance to see how radio voices or professionnal announcers behave in front of the mike, you will see what I mean. Their voice suddenly changes to a sound that is completely different from the natural tone of voice of the person. It is a real transformation that you can not only hear, but also see. All of a sudden the voice talent changes is face and posture, he starts articulating also in a kind of artificial fashion, so opening the mouth, as if to pronounce better the syllables. And, yes, the actor can move hands and body, provided that he does it silently, to give that special concentration and emotion to the voice. At PrimeVoices we are very aware of that process, so we have witnessed at our studios many kinds of body languages, most funny of all was an Arabic voice that before the recording session started just lied down on the floor to breath and relax, then he started to made funny sounds as if to release the voice. The ritual ended with a massage of the cheeks to made them more flexible. The voice had a rather high pitch voice for a talent, but in front of the mike his voice turned out to be deep and solemn, we were really impressed…

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