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Sombreros for the Summer

What’s new under the sun? Well, some friends, who happen to be our clients and/or providers, have received a surprise very handy for the coming summer: a genuine Panama hat that will not only give them shed, but also enhance their natural elegance. The Pamela Panama also for the ladies was sent. This is just a message that the well being and relax associated with a the legendary sombrero are very important to do a good job too! But above all a small memento of friendship and gratitude for our 10 year anniversary. Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have manage to survive our first decade under one of the toughest business environment in Europe. Regardless of what the French government here says, the fact is that the state administration acts as a hostile force against small companies through their social and fiscal regulations. That discourages investment, employment and growth. Hey but I don’t want to talk politics, this is not our country after all, we are world citizens as we proof every single day: Spanish-Dutch, Italian-Ecuadorian, Latins from France, etc…

By the way, maybe you can’t read it but on the Panama you can see our logo PrimeVoices


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